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Introduction,Vision, Mission & Objectives



The KPC Medical College & Hospital Started it's first step in India in the month of August 2003 & was registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act. KPC Medical College & Hospital is a sophisticated World Class Hospital. The Hospital started functioning in full swing from December' 2006. At present it is a 746 bedded hospital with special units like N1CU, ITU, ICU Dialysis Unit etc. It had also started a Medical College from year' 2008 — 2009 which was recognized by MCI.

Sadhana Memorial School of Nursing, a wing of KPC society was established in 2007 with the aim of starting basic and post basic nursing education. West Bengal, a state with high population density needs constant backup and up gradation of medical & nursing professions. Kolkata being the capital has a few centers of excellence if one compares them to the continuously growing health needs of the community. Such a scenario focuses on the need of developing a nursing school with advance training curriculum compatible with the challenging and expanding health needs in general; and this gave birth to Sadhana Memorial School of Nursing.


  • Modern nursing is dynamic, educative, therapeutic and a challenging process in meeting the health needs of individual, society and community. It is not a mere profession but a way to help the persons who are in health need.
  • Sadhana Memorial School of Nursing believes in preparing nurses who will be capable of giving holistic care to individuals in health and sickness.
  • The School also believes in up gradation of cognition, connation and affection — the three domains of nursing profession.
  • The School has faith in developing an environment that will foster professional growth and help the students to be a nurse with excellence and a good citizen of the country.
  • The School will support and encourage the staffs and students for critical thinking, creating nursing standards for providing quality care and developing leadership qualities and promote research in Nursing.
  • It also believes in dedication of the faculty and students for developing an educative institution that will encourage positive moral values through teaching learning process.
  • The school has full faith in developing successful nurses for country and abroad.


  • Nursing Excellence.
  • Devotion to profession.
  • Professionalism
  • Diversity.
  • Opportunity


The Sadhana Memorial School of Nursing will be increasing the cognized for its excellent, highly competitive program leadership in professional education and valuable contribution to making a difference in peoples lives. The School of Nursing will offer a wide array of educational opportunities to emerging student population and communities, which empowered nursing profession, who lead the dynamic health care delivery system locally, nationally and globally.

The School of Nursing is committed to providing the highest quality Diploma Nursing Education at an affordable cost to a student population diverse in terms of culture ethnicity and cast. This program combines Liberal arts and science in Nursing education, which help the students to develop knowledge, skills and perspectives required for professional practice. The school provides a nurturing performance based technologically equipped learning environment that promotes caring competence and professionalism.


  • To train nurses to be capable of undertaking responsibility in preventive promotive and curative care of patients at hospital and community level.
  • To meet the acute shortage of qualified nursing personnel in the country in general and state of West Bengal in particular.
  • To provide qualified nurses to cope with advancement in medical science and technology.
  • To develop competence, confidence and capability among students to improve their job potential both in the country & abroad.
  • To develope a good citizen.