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The KPC Group Message

A Message from The KPC Group

In todays increasingly Violent world Crime can strike anywhere anytime. Women are often the soft target of crimes and not Knowing how to defend themselves they expose themselves to grievous harm.

Keeping in mind the upward crime graph against women. The KPC Group has introduced Self Defence Course in Collaboration with RESA an Institute of karete for the nursing students as a extra curricular activity. The KPC group is the pioneer in introducing Self Defence Course for Nursing students. The Course is designed for the awareness and protection as a way to give back. It is not just about defending, it focuses on prevention and being aware - it is about doing enough to get away. Self defence Training empowering students physically a mentally.

The objective of KPC group is not only confind to promote competent nursing professionals but to make them confident and strong so that they can handle and take smarter decisions if situation arise.

The combination of diverse teaching programmes, talented faculties, excellent facilities and protective spirit afford to Sadhana Memorial School of Nursing (formerly Shova Rani School of Nursing) and array of perspectives on our world.